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<3 She is best known for her roles as Sadie Harrison in the CTV teen drama Instant Star, Arla "The Bolt-Gun Killer" Cogan in the Syfy supernatural drama Haven, Kara Zor-El in The CW serial drama Smallville, and Lisa in the ABC science fiction series V. She has a second degree black belt in karate and often does her own stunts. Her parents were initially told she was not going to survive. Laura Vandervoort, Actress: Jigsaw. [16] In 2012, she had a small role in Seth MacFarlane's comedy film Ted, playing Mark Wahlberg's coworker Tanya. [3], Vandervoort portrayed "Lisa", an extraterrestrial Visitor, in the 2009 ABC science fiction series V, a reboot of the 1980s science fiction franchise of the same name. Last Updated: October 05, 2020 Laura Vandervoort sexy pictures will literally hypnotise with her physique. Best known for her roles on the television shows "Smallville" and "V," she has built an … Vandervoort is a second-degree black belt in karate and is recognized widely for her roles in teen drama series Instant star, Supergirl as Indigo, Smartville(supergirl) as Kara, series V as Lisa and many other hits. Holds a second-degree black belt in karate. Laura Vandervoort (born September 22, 1984) is an Canadian actress who portrays Elena Michaels on Bitten (TV series). Laura Vandervoort: Well its really not an exciting story. [13] In 2011, she starred in the suspense film The Entitled, alongside Ray Liotta and Kevin Zegers. Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort was, until recently, best known for her performances in the CTV teen drama series Instant Star, the CW serial drama ... Goosebumps. [11], In 1997, she made her acting debut at age 13. Filmography Facts. All content ©2010–2021 Laura Vandervoort. [2][4][5][8], In 2010, Vandervoort appeared in the two-part miniseries Riverworld in which she plays Jessie Machalan, the fiancée of war correspondent Matt Ellman who wakes up after death on a planet populated by everyone who has ever lived on Earth. This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 12:34. Goosebumps Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. From 1997 to 1998, Laura appeared in the 3 episodes of children’s horror fantasy anthology television series Goosebumps for her role as Nadine Platt / Sheena Deep. Tam też się wychowała. Our interview with Laura. Jigsaw 2017. The Entitled 2011. Her net worth is $2 Million. Years active [2][4][5] In 2014, she starred in the Space drama series Bitten, a television adaptation of Kelley Armstrong's book series Women of the Otherworld as Elena Michaels. Occupation Laura Vandervoort. Bitten 3 seasons. Entering karate at age seven, she earned a second degree Black Belt from Northern Karate Schools by the age of 16. Laura Vandervoort Age 36 Years Old. Toronto, Ontario, Canada She played Nadine Platt in "The Haunted House Game" and Sheena Deep in "Deep Trouble". [3] She then returned for another two episodes in the tenth and final season of Smallville. Actress. Ihre erste Sprechrolle hat Laura Vandervoort in der kanadischen Kinderserie Goosebumps (1997-98) und Are You Afraid of the Dark? [5][6][7][8], Vandervoort was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Laura Vandervoort is a versatile actress, producer and writer who not only crosses over genres, but also changes from character to character flawlessly embracing the essence of every role she plays. She has a sister named Sarah[1][5] and she is related to Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent. Laura Vandervoort Family: Not a lot is known about Laura’s family other than the fact that she has an older sister. Canadian actress, Laura Vandervoort mesmerized the world with her blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that makes anyone fall in love. Actress Laura Vandervoort Biography Laura Vandervoort is best known as Actress, Voice Artist, Producer, Writer who has an estimated Net Worth of $4 Million. She is a Canadian Actress, performs in Movies and Television Serials. She played Nadine Platt in "The Haunted House Game" and Sheena Deep in "Deep Trouble". [18], Vandervoort resides in Los Angeles, California. September 22, 1984 [4], Following The CW and Smallville, Vandervoort then shot the sequel to the feature film Into the Blue titled Into the Blue 2: The Reef. How did you end up in the business at such a young age? From £5.99. Laura Vandervoort was born September 22, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not just her bold and beautiful personality, she showed what she is capable of with her debut roles in the family fantasy horror series, Goosebumps. The Entitled 2011. As a kid, she survived a bout with meningitis. [2] She is best known for her roles as Sadie Harrison in the CTV teen drama series Instant Star, Arla "The Bolt-Gun Killer" Cogan in the Syfy supernatural drama series Haven, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) in The CW serial drama series Smallville,[2][3][4][5] and as Lisa in the ABC science fiction series V (2009). Pode-se dizer que a sua carreira artística começou aos treze anos, quando ela entretia os seus familiares e amigos em festas domésticas. [2][12], In 2006, Vandervoort starred in her first feature film titled The Lookout alongside Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matthew Goode, and Isla Fisher. There are several impostor accounts claiming to be her but these are not connected to Laura in any way. [3] She next filmed an independent production titled The Jazzman, which also starred Canadian stars Michael Ironside (who appeared in the second V miniseries as well as the 1984 V regular series) and Corey Sevier. Birth Date Laura has built an international fan from her extensive resume and has been consistently working as an actress since she was thirteen years old. [2][5][19], Vandervoort at the Space City Comic Con in, 1980s science fiction franchise of the same name, "Laura Vandervoort Biography, Celebrity Facts and Awards", "Smallville's Supergirl Returns!
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