HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Windows 10 Disable Skype is not really that tough but you need to know the exact way how to do it. Sure, you could just right-click the Skype tray icon and close it, but it’ll come right back the next time you boot your PC. This will ensure that the Skype app will only start functioning when you click on it and open it. But this puts Skype rather heavy on the CPU. Step 1. As simple as that. I started mucking around a bit more, ticking the option to automatically start, pressing OK, turning it off, pressing OK, rebooting – but every time, Skype for Business just turned up, like a strange uncle you never invite to dinner but somehow still finds out and turns up every night. Disable Skype On Startup Windows 10: If you are wondering How To Disable Skype Windows 10, then you can do it following a few steps. Method 4. You can’t use Skype’s built-in option to disable automatic startup without signing in first, but there’s a way around it: Disable it with the Task Manager. This is how to stop Skype from starting automatically in Windows 10 accompanied by Windows 8 and Windows 7. Now move the slider of “Automatically start Skype” to OFF position. Skype is still the most used application, and here is how you can fix skype, which is starting automatically on your Windows PC. If you don’t want to use Skype at all, you can also uninstall it. Step 2. It tends to remain active in the background on your Windows 10. How To Stop Skype From Starting Automatically Windows 10 2020. Skype for Business wasn’t even listed. 6 Ways to Stop Skype from Starting Automatically. You need to sign in to your Skype for Business account from the Windows 10 Start button. If you are using Skype for business, you can follow the steps below to stop Skype from starting automatically on Windows 10 computer. Click the “…” menu in the Skype window and click “Sign Out” to do so. Windows 10: Disable Skype Auto Startup Posted on March 30, 2020 by Mel Hawthorne 2 Comments Although Skype is a great program to have for communication purposes, it has its annoying sides too – and one of them is the fact that it starts up when your computer does. This will happen automatically when the user logs off or the machine is restarted. This will disable Skype for Business from starting when the user logs in to the machine. Next time, you restart Windows 10 machine, Skype will not open up automatically. How to disable Skype Windows 10 for business? That’s great, but what if you never use Skype and don’t want it starting every time you sign in? When the machine is logged in you can verify in the following location that the ‘Lync’ key has been removed. OR In the newer modern Skype Press click your profile picture or press control + i on your keyboard Click Sign out press Windows key + R Type: msconfig Hit Enter Select the tab, scroll through and uncheck Skype. Even though technology has evolved, and we are witnessing tons of different types of video conferencing apps. To stop that, sign out of Skype. It ensures that you always remain available for incoming calls and messages. Here’s how to get rid of it. Stop Skype from Starting Automatically for Business. Locate the Skype shortcut in your Start menu, right-click it, and select “Uninstall.” Windows 10 lets you uninstall many other built-in apps in this way, too. Otherwise, it might be an issue. The Skype app included with Windows 10 now has a notification area icon. Disable Skype Autostart via the Task Manager. or Press Windows key + R Type: shell:startup Click Tools > Options > General settings > uncheck 'Start Skype when I start Windows. Thankfully, the latest versions of Skype now function like a normal Windows application again. Windows 10 disable Skype Previews step-by-step guide:- To begin with, start from your home page where you have to click on the Start … This will do the drill. How to Stop Skype from Starting Automatically Windows 10.